About Us


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George Walton Payne & Co (“GWP”), founded on August 1, 1978, has a general business practice with emphasis on corporate and commercial law, international business and financial services, taxation, civil litigation, intellectual property, conveyancing and mortgages, admiralty law, labour law, estate and succession law and personal injuries negotiation and settlement.

GWP is dedicated to working with clients to help them achieve their business goals and overcome any legal hurdles that present themselves. GWP attorneys help clients to succeed.

Continuing education

Law is a reflection of the society and with the rapid social, technological and economic changes in both the local and international societies, there have been corresponding developments in the law. To this end, GWP has a policy of ensuring that all of its attorneys continue their legal education by attending local and international conferences and workshops.

Client Care

GWP is committed to assisting clients as they navigate the complex legal arena while providing outstanding legal and customer service. Clients depend on the firm to find innovative solutions to complex business issues, and GWP attorneys leverage the firm’s global platform to help clients handle these challenges. The firm offers:

  • A solutions-based approach, providing innovative and sound commercial advice
  • Optimally sized teams that provide cost-effective and high-quality services
  • A culture geared toward establishing and nurturing long-term client relationships 

GWP provides a full range of legal services to suit your needs.